John Tavares in San Jose. A fairy tale or a reality?

Perhaps the most impressive thing in John Tavares’ approach to becoming one of the most notable unrestricted free agents of the last decade is his business and prudent position.

Throughout the season, he managed to stop the free agency from becoming a distraction, dividing the business and hockey sides. He showed himself to be a professional in talking about it, not showing any disappointment in the questions that were asked. He was consistent in showing his love for the Islanders, and yet claimed that there are many factors that can influence his choice. These factors can mean anything, more

On the day of the final game of the past season (and, possibly, his last game on the New York Islanders). He calmly answered the questions. He said that he was disappointed that his team would not play in the playoffs and explained that he wanted to rest a little, forget about hockey, and then make one of the most important decisions in his life.

Josh Bailey

“This is his approach to life in general,” said Josh Bailey, one of his comrades and club partner Tavares. “He calculates everything and thinks a lot about what he does. This makes it the best. ”

When I compiled a list of the best free agents in November 2017, Tavares was number one. Since then, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge and some players of their list have fallen out. New contracts have already received Becklund, Marcheso, Bailey, Chara, and the Sedin decided to retire.

But Tavares is still on the list. Like John Carlson. And Evander Kane. Only these three names make the free agent market this summer quite interesting. And this if you do not take into account the fact that the salary-cap clubs should rise to 80 million in the next season.

“Today’s owners are not as patient as they used to be,” one hockey agent said this week. “There is much more pressure on the market this year. I think it will be a very active summer. ”

Джон Таварес в Сан-Хосе

Tavares does not rule out that he will stay in New York, however, before making the decision John wants to see how the Islanders plan to change their main office. If they succeed in attracting an experienced and successful leader, this will influence the decision making. And yet there is no shortage of teams outside of New York that intrigue Tavares, and as the free agency approaches, it’s also likely that he is talking to these teams

If we talk about teams outside the Big Apple, then the conversation begins with San Jose Sharks. Chief manager Sharks Doug Wilson structured his budget so that in the summer he had enough room “under the cap” to add players from the market-UFA. Wilson is a hunter for a big game, and it’s been a long time since he was on the front pages of newspapers. He must. Now. For their own reputation. Even despite the fact that Tavares may have concerns that the backbone of the “Shark” is getting old. However, there is no doubt that if Tavares suddenly settles in the Silicon Valley, the Sharks will rule the Western Conference.

In addition to San Jose Shark, John Tavares is also in the interests of Chicago Blackhawks and St. Louis Blues.