Burke Asks for the Sun Moon and Stars for Maple Leafs Centennial Celebration

In my material, I do not want to disassemble the genius of Burke’s exchanges – this man knew how to conduct fantastically unfavorable deals for all parties. For Toronto, they were worse, of course, but remembering how the same “Bruins” ordered Hamilton, Segin, received as a result of the exchange of Kessel, and what fate befell almost all the participants in the exchange of Faneuf, one can not help but wonder what black mark became for other genmen cooperation with Burk. In my research, I would like to go deep into the power of the drafting of the guru and recall the loudest failures of the current president of Calgary, especially since, judging by the ambiguous successes of the current Ogonykov, this was inherited by them.

2009 – We put Kadri (C), the 7th overall

No matter how good the Scout service was and how many stars it recruited in the later rounds, the real skill of literate drafting manifests itself in qualitative elections of hockey players in the first rounds. And, of course, the choice in 2012 and Nazem – those few bright spots in the realm of Burqa’s Dark Shadows – as unexpected and undesirable as the character Depp in the eponymous film. But with time Kadri, tired of wars with the whole world, managed to unearth the remnants of his mind and take up his head, becoming one of the best third league centers in the system of the best coach of the world.

2009 – Kenny Ryan (RW), 50th overall

Ryan is a vivid example of how the first American GM is drafting a good, but unremarkable American, in the second round. After playing three seasons in the AHL, he did not make a third of the score on average for the game, which led him to “Wheeling”.

2009 – Jesse Blacker (D), 58th overall

Jesse Blacker

Unlike Kenny, Blacker seemed a promising pacmuver, something like the current Carrick or Dermott. Anyway, he made his debut in the NHL, in “Anaheim”, but here’s a bigger player was not enough. However, Check out this link to get yourself tickets on Seatleafs, a suitably fit AZ will not hurt any “merging” team – perhaps, the last hour of this obviously not devoid of talented hockey player has not yet struck.

2010 – Bradley Ross (LW), the 43rd overall

About Ross, there’s absolutely nothing to talk about – in general, an empty player, even one with Ryan of growth, ends his career in the second German league. Well, in principle, on that draft, if you look far away, were chosen McKegg, Alden, Granberg, Carrick (not ours, the other) … Hmm. If the draft is often compared to gambling, it seems that Burke plays roulette, and in Russian, and even with a fully charged drum.

“Washington Capitals” captain Alexander Ovechkin is recognized as the MVP Stanley Cup playoff. Ovechkin also became the best sniper of both the regular championship (49 goals) and the playoffs (15).

After the final siren, the awards ceremony took place, which was marked by a curious episode. One of the cheerleaders of “Washington” during the circle of honor of hockey players in a fit of joy bare his chest.

2011 – Tyler Biggs (RW), the 22nd overall

Leafs Rookies

Huge as a student’s debts in the fourth year, Tyler did not score 20 points for 2.5 seasons in Marlis. His main achievement was participation in another exchange of Kessel, now from Toronto, but he needed even less Pittsburgh. Draft 2011 is the climax of the genomenager’s clowning (if only the “gene” in this word means “genius”) of the “leaves”.

2011 – Stuart Percy (D), the 25th overall

Quite large, small, with a good vision of the site and not without defensive skills, a native of Ontario, since childhood for the “Leafs” … Alas, but Stuart could not justify all these hopes. I do not know if he thought about it at all, or just enjoyed playing in the Toronto net (not even necessarily the “senior”), but over 5 years between the AHL and the NHL Stu spent 12 games in the third pair in the “Leafs”, typing three assists. A season later, he signed up for a minimum in Pittsburgh.

2012 – Morgan Reilly (D), 5th overall

Morgan Reilly

The class of that year is measured at least by the fact that in the first ten were chosen 8 defenders, and the 1st player of the long-suffering draft – Yakupov. Perhaps the fans of Toronto should say thank you to Burke for Morgan … Brian could not just take someone else on that draft simply physically – it was impossible. All the other guys were on the head below Murray (2 general) and Reilly – hence the choice of Burke. Right now, Reilly is probably the most stable player of that draft, a pet, despite all the shoals, of the fans. Well, the most effective defender of the team for the last 5 years, with the resulting problems in defensive actions.

2012 – Matthew Finn (D), 35th overall


“A very clever two-way defender with leadership qualities” – that’s how Elite Prospects described it before the draft. At the age of 18, he was already an assistant to the captain in Gelf, he scored many points, and in general, he looked very good. But Draft-2012 gobbled up everyone who could at least do something, and Matt could not become an exception. He was waiting for a very sad picture in the future – to become part of the acquisition of Grabner – one of the latest disappointments of the management of Toronto. Fortunately, already without the participation of Burke.


On January 9, 2013, Burke was fired, and it is extremely symbolic that for the first time since 2004 Toronto was able to enter the Stanley Cup for the first time since 2004 – the kingdom of the shadows finally began to disintegrate, giving way to the future of the team – the future, which is now called the present.