The draft 2018 – will be interesting players

Russian Andrei Svechnikov and Swede Rasmus Dalin claim first place in draft

In the draft of 2018 there will be a lot of talented guys.

Scouts often talk about defender Rasmus Dalin, who is in favor of the club “Frelunda” from the Swedish Hockey League. Dalin (height – 186 cm, weight – 75 kg) played this year for the Swedish national team at the youth world championships at the age of 16 years. Surely he will come to Buffalo, where the next world championship for hockey players is not older than 20 years.

“I have never seen a hockey player so quickly, just for a couple of shifts, adapting to the game at a higher level,” says coach of the youth team of Sweden Thomas Monten. “And he adds, playing against a strong team, or when the speed increases.” Dalin technical, talented and will bring many benefits. “He will become a very good player.”

Russian Andrei Svechnikov

The defender did not spend much time on the ice at the youth world championship in 2017 and still scored two (1 + 1) points in seven games. He got to the team, which did not have a place for two players selected in the first round of the NHL draft this year – Erik Brannstrem (15th number, Vegas Golden Knights) and Timothy Lillegren (17th, Toronto Maple Leafs). This season in the top division of Swedish hockey, Dalin played 26 matches in the regular season and 14 more in the playoffs, as well as 24 games for the youth team “Frelunda”.

“He is an intelligent defender who can support the attack, he has excellent skates and holds the puck perfectly,” said Goran Stubb, director of the European direction for the Central Scout Bureau of the NHL. “He likes to get involved in attacks, not afraid to go into the fight. It’s easier to learn how to play, but he will cope. “Most likely, he will take first place in the preliminary ranking of the CSB among hockey players performing in Europe, which will be published in January.”

In the first round, center-forward Joseph Veleno (186 cm, 86 kg), defender Jared Makaysaak (188, 95), left-wing Benois-Olivier Gruhl (186, 84.5), goalkeeper Alexis Gravel (188, 93) also pretend to be in the first round. All of them play in the Hockey League of Quebec. Among the most promising players is also the right-wing extreme Andrei Svechnikov (186, 85), who plays in the Hockey League of the United States.

Yevgeny Svechnikov

Svechnikov – the younger brother of striker Yevgeny Svechnikov, drafted “Detroit Red Wings” under the 19th number in 2015.

“Svechnikov became an elite player in a very good league,” says David Gregory of the CSB. “He dominated it when he was 16. He has good skating, great dribbling, he feels the game. next year”.

Veleno became the first hockey league of Quebec, received the status of “exceptional player”. Club “Saint John” drafted it under the first number in 2015. For two seasons he spent 107 matches and scored 83 (26 + 57) points, including 40 (13 + 27) in 45 games of the past season.

“He was injured, so I do not know if he lived up to the expectations that were laid on him, but I’m looking forward to next season to watch him,” says Troy Damville of the CSB. “He will become a leader in an experienced team, how he will cope with this role. A very clever and self-confident hockey player is ordered. ”

Brady Tkachuk

In the first round of the draft in 2018, five players from the U-18 national team of the United States can leave right away: center forward Brady Tkachuk (188, 84), defenders Bod Wild (188, 84), K’Andre Miller (191, 92), Matthias Samuelsson (191, 93) and Adam Samuelsson (196, 104). Tkachuk is the younger brother of Matthew Tkachuk (“Calgary Flames”) and the son of former NHL striker Kita Tkachuk. Father Matthias Samuelsson is a former NHL defender Chell Samuelsson. Adam Samuelsson is the son of another former NHL defender Ulf Samuelsson.

The most promising player of the draft from the student league can be quarterback Quinn Hugh (176, 76). He will play for the team at the University of Michigan, although he was born in Florida. Hugh perfectly sees the field, skates well, it is always released to the majority rally. Last season, this defender spent in the junior (U-18) US team: 65 games, 53 (10 + 43) points.


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