Junior hockey in Finland is experiencing a real renaissance. Two gold in three years is just the beginning. The turn of the centuries in the country of lakes has turned out to be rich in talents. A year ago, MVP on the UCM became Kristian Vesalainen, who will soon join Patrick Laine in Winnipeg. At this championship, the even Finnish team squeezed all the rivals and the final chord knocked out the current champion. Rasmus Kupari and Yeseprey Kotkaniemi smiled more broadly at the award ceremony. The guys performed well in both world forums and now will certainly leave in the first round of the draft.

Patrick Laine

Of the two abusers of Russia, the harsher city was Finland. Tribunes “Tractor” for the first time drove Europeans like their own and once even charged: “Suomi-Suomi.” The public of the hockey city fell in love with technical Finnish guys who on one skate go round any defender at this tournament. Their corporate style became lightning breakthroughs through the middle zone and pile in the first period. Yesterday the streams of their attacks washed away the Swedish defense, but today the Americans did not survive. The hegemons of junior hockey were not allowed to breathe out and even toss to the middle of the first period.


In the decisive matches, the Finnish majority was fascinating. The special brigades in blue draw cunningly and unpredictably. It is enough three simple schemes to quickly bring the case to the last throw when the chances of the goalkeeper’s opponent does not remain. Spencer Knight drilled his partners with a glance, skipping twice in three minutes. It seemed that the “star-striped” were ready for the role of catch-up. Even when the most productive three of the championship tightly closed. Americans did not lose self-control, fought in every episode and even reveled in the middle. For more overseas command was not enough.

Oliver Wahlström

The power of the stands gave the Finns a second wind. Defense almost did not fail, and when the defenders proved to be powerless, rock rose against their American gold. A new nightmare was given to Oliver Wahlström, who missed the empty goal in the last seconds. His partner and the future first draft pick-2019 Jack Hughes is rehabilitated for a partner in a year, but while taking away from the South Urals the prize of the best striker and MVP. However, the main hero of the finale was Niklass Nordgren, whose cast became truly golden.