On the Need for Rower Rankings

The match of amateur teams in the US lasted 250 hours. This is a new world record, says sportswriter of the TV channel “WORLD 24” Ian Tsaregorodtsev.

11 days on ice without the right to leave the ice arena in Buffalo with hockey tickets. American amateur hockey players played the longest match in history.

Initially, this undertaking looked completely unworkable. However, 40 people agreed to the hockey adventure. They took turns to go to the playground. Change – 4.5 hours on ice and 9 hours for rest. Of course, after eleven days, each player could hardly stand on his feet.

“Physically, I’m completely crushed. My legs do not obey me, and in the next week I will not take anything at all,” said one of the hockey players David Kaplan.

According to the rules, not one hockey player could leave the arena all these weeks and a half. Players slept right in the locker rooms and ate only what they were brought from home. Despite such harsh conditions, the teams scored an incredible number of pucks. The match ended with a score of 1725: 1697 in favor of players in white uniform.

On Day 11

However, the main goal of the players was not a record at all, but a fund-raising to combat cancer. After all, each of the 40 hockey players somehow had to face this terrible disease.

“Recently my mother died of cancer. And I know first hand how difficult it is. Here, everyone experienced a similar loss, so that we are united not only by the love of hockey,” – explained the participant John Bruno.

The idea of this match belongs to Mike Lisakovski, who also took part in the game. His wife defeated cancer, but her mother’s illness was ruthless. Originally, Mike wanted to raise $ 500,000 for medical research. However, in the end, his idea was so close to people that by the end of the 11-day marathon Lisakovski’s account was $ 1.2 million.

The longest official hockey match took place in March this year in Norway. The game “Sparta” with “Storhamar” lasted 217 minutes.