For Quick Hardware Only Beginning to Pile Up

The last place, in any case, guarantees nothing. For example, over the past six years, the worst club in the regular season chose the first only once (“Toronto tickets” in 2016). In 2015, followed by more changes: the chance of the worst team to win the lottery fell from 25 percent to 20. The distribution of interest became more even. The chance of the first team (the best of those who did not qualify for the playoffs) increased from 0.5 percent to one.

The purpose of the changes is quite understandable and definitely good – the so-called “tanking”, that is, the “draining” of the season for the sake of choosing on a draft higher, no one in the NHL wants to see. No wonder. It would be strange, appearing at someone’s desire, to see something similar to what happened on March 26, 2015.

The match of the main contenders for the last place – “Arizona” and “Buffalo” – ended in victory “Coyotes” in overtime. Whose decisive goal, scored by Sam Gagne, the Sabers fans cheered with a storm of applause. Like every Arizona goal in regular time. “Blades” eventually became the worst. But ironically, Connor McDavid did not get them. Edmonton won the lottery.

Sam Gagne

The first round of the lottery will find out the owner of the first peak. After this, there is a rescheduling with a change in the percentages and the second round begins, respectively, finding out the owner of the second peak. That is, conditionally, if the worst team wins the lottery, then in the second round, the second worst will have 18.5 percent to win. The third – 13.5. And so on. Accordingly, by the third round, the chance of winning the best of those not included in the playoffs will grow to 2 percent. Well, after finding out the three winners, the peaks will be distributed to all the rest in accordance with their position at the end of the regular season.

Not the worst chance for the first three peaks from the Islanders. In addition to their own choice in the first round, they also have the choice of “Calgary”, given to “Flames” “Islanders” for Travis Harmonica. And both will be a lottery. Now “Iles” go ninth from the end. “Ogonyok” – 12th. If everything still remains, then the chance in total will be 7.5 percent only on the first peak. That is equivalent to the sixth place. And with each round will grow. However, the balls can fall out and so that they get the first and second peaks immediately. Extremely unlikely, but still possible.

“Calgary” could unite the brothers Tkachuk, if it were lucky, but this now does not come true. At least in the draft. But the “Detroit” a good chance to unite the brothers Svechnikov. Willing to play together. Andrei is very likely to leave in the top three. It is possible that he moved from second place Brady Tkachuk or Philip Zadina. But to immediately both were higher – it is very unlikely. Especially considering how Svechnikov is tearing and mushing into the playoffs of the Ontario Youth League. While he was serving a four-legged disqualification, “Barry” with wild labor caught at the expense of 2-2 in the series with the “Mississauga”. It was worth it to go back and score 5 (2 + 3) points in two games, as the “Colts” of the stone on the stone from “Steelheads” did not leave. Right now the “Red Wings” are the sixth from the end. And surely they will remain so. And this is 8.5 percent for the second peak. And 9.5 on the third. If, of course, they will not get the first one. Then, of course, they will take Rasmus Dalin.

The undisputed favorite draft pick-2018. Refused to travel to the World Cup as part of the Swedish team (and he was ready to take it) to rest. And, perhaps, prepare for pre-trial tests. But, of course, the “Buffalo” and “Ottawa” the greatest chance for Svechnikov. As on Dalin.

“Sabers” defender of such a plan is very, very useful. Very mobile, terribly mobile, with chic skating, a vision of the glade and game intelligence. Stunning guy, always ready to connect to the attack, to beat one to one, to play extremely non-standard. In the long term, this player, the decisive outcome of meetings and even series. It is extremely curious, which of it would have been sculpted by Phil Housley. Excellent work with the defenders of “Nashville”.

Erik Karlsson

The Senators do not need such a need. Because they have Erik Karlsson. If, of course, he does not go anywhere. Picked up after the last home game “Sens” in this season washer – an ambiguous gesture. That, coupled with friction with the leadership suggests. And if they need someone to replace Carlsson, then there is no better option than Dalin. After all, Rasmus can potentially even surpass Eric. He has all the best features of the 65th issue of Ottawa. But he, with a discount on age, combines this with great universalism. And much better developed at the stage of approach to the draft.

Whoever took Dalin – this team is lucky. It’s a real diamond. And I want to bring the ending of the regular season and the draft lottery closer. To find out, at last, to whom he will get. Rasmus with his hands will tear off everything. Choose it is like winning a lottery, no matter how funny it is. But the lucky one is destined to become only one club. Of course, the playoffs will outshine everything. But for those who did not get there, the lottery, inside which there is another lottery, is the main intrigue of the next two and a half months.