Peter Deubour: Lawyerl Education Helps Me Persuade Players

Peter DeBoer looks modest and calm person, and in this case, it shows an unshakable confidence in his abilities. We have a charismatic coach who did not depart from his professional beliefs even after three unsuccessful seasons in Florida.

The 44-year-old Canadian did not fold before John Tortorella in the Stanley Cup semi-final and did not lose faith in the success of his players, even losing in the final series with a score of 0: 3. At that moment, his equanimity was taken for trying to make a good face in a bad game, but in the next two meetings, the victory was celebrated precisely by Devils. Deborah is definitely not one of those who easily throws words into the wind.

John Tortorella

We talked with the mentor “New Jersey” about the playoffs, aggressive forechecking and even about the relevance of legal education in the coaching profession:

  1. With you, “New Jersey” began to act super aggressively in a foreign zone, hard forcing became the visiting card “Devils.” How difficult was it to instill such a manner to the team that used to be known as one of the most closed in the league?

“At first glance, this seems very difficult: I came here to the place of Jacques Lemer, who nearly pulled the team into the playoffs a year ago, using a completely different system.” Yes, there, almost the entire previous history of New Jersey is strict and cautious hockey, but our general manager, Lou Lamorello, told me that he does not care how I’m going to get results, he trusted me, and that was the strongest help for my work, I promised him that even if we become more aggressive and open in some aspects of the game, branded reliable nce protection “Devils” is not going anywhere limiting stiffness in its zone, blocking shots -. all this was to remain with us. ”

Peter DeBoer

“Last summer, I talked a lot with the guys about the upcoming changes in the team tactics.” It seemed to me that the guys support me, they wanted to be a slightly more energetic team and make more use of their attacking potential. “We felt that we would become stronger if our game more balanced. In the previous season, “New Jersey” was in the last place for the abandoned washers, and it had to be corrected. ”

  1. In 2011, you left the “Florida” after three seasons without the playoffs. At that time, you had no fear for your future in the NHL?

“Honestly, no, although it might have been worth some trouble, I just felt that I had done a really good job and would definitely be appreciated.” Yes, some mistakes were made, but still, these years are considered to be a flop. saw that “Florida” was moving in the right direction and struggling for victory in every match. ”

“No, it’s not that my phone began to be ripped from calls immediately after being fired from the Panthers, which, of course, was not,” I confess that before Lamorello contacted me, I was already beginning to feel sad thoughts. I am sure that everything will be fine. ”

  1. For 15 years you worked in the hockey league of Ontario. Obviously, during this time, you can get used to OHL and get comfortable there as a respected specialist. Did it suit you, or did you stop thinking about NHL?

“I always tried to try my hand at the highest level, and I also enjoyed the coaching activities in the youth league, often people try to jump to the next step as soon as possible, but I have a slightly different story – I liked my role at the time. the level of hockey in the OHL, I liked that I can give a start in life to many young people. That’s the decisive age – someone goes to the NHL, and someone becomes a doctor or a policeman. But even these things did not deter me when I got A new challenge. when thou wanted to work in the best league in the world. ”

  1. The last question is not about hockey. You have a law degree from the University of Windsor. Why this specialty?

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“It’s just that the region has always been interested in me.” Once I even worked in one legal agency, I was sitting there in the office of my department. It was a useful experience. It can be said that I apply the appropriate knowledge every day. not a practicing lawyer or anything like that, but much of my job is to persuade people. You need to get players to meet certain requirements, persuade them to act according to your plan. The education that I receive helps me as a specialist. Do I hesitate to change my profession in the future? I doubt although I could informally give somebody lessons on jurisprudence. “Too, in fact, coaching.”