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Peter Deubour: Lawyerl Education Helps Me Persuade Players

Peter DeBoer looks modest and calm person, and in this case, it shows an unshakable confidence in his abilities. We have a charismatic coach who did not depart from his professional beliefs even after three unsuccessful seasons in Florida. The 44-year-old Canadian did not fold before John Tortorella in the Stanley Cup semi-final and did […]

Burke Asks for the Sun Moon and Stars for Maple Leafs Centennial Celebration

In my material, I do not want to disassemble the genius of Burke’s exchanges – this man knew how to conduct fantastically unfavorable deals for all parties. For Toronto, they were worse, of course, but remembering how the same “Bruins” ordered Hamilton, Segin, received as a result of the exchange of Kessel, and what fate […]

For Quick Hardware Only Beginning to Pile Up

The last place, in any case, guarantees nothing. For example, over the past six years, the worst club in the regular season chose the first only once (“Toronto tickets” in 2016). In 2015, followed by more changes: the chance of the worst team to win the lottery fell from 25 percent to 20. The distribution […]

New York Islanders

New York Islanders (New York Islanders) is the third hockey club in New York. The other two teams are New Jersey Devils and New York Rangers. In 1970, when it became known that the NHL would like to have a team on Long Island in the new Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, businessman Roy Boe, owner […]

Boston Bruins: Estimates for the season

Now that we are slowly moving away from the grief caused by the defeat of the Boston Bruins in the second round of playoffs, it’s time to look back and look at the last season of 2017-18. Remembering October, few people expected anything from Boston. But after a slow start, they became a team with […]