Meet The Scratches

Written by Dave Kelsey.

Here's some background on our staff, because not everybody wants the goal-scorer's autograph, just the vast majority of people...


Mike Salerno, Managing Editor: Mike spearheaded and pursued the idea of joining the Bloguin network as a hockey writer after constantly being force-fed a copious amount of crayon-scribbled crap floating around the blogosphere (Bloguin sites excluded, of course). As a graduate of Hofstra University with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and an extensive background in hockey that includes both playing for and coaching one of the top high school programs in New York, he has finally seen enough bad grammar to make him throw his own hat into the ring and show these punks how to write.

Besides overseeing THS, Mike is also one of the premier high school sports writers for a number of AOL's hyper-local journalism sites on Long Island. He's covered everything from hockey to bowling to badminton and made the reader feel like it was Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals each time. Okay, maybe not badminton, but you get the point.

Make sure you follow him on Twitter, @RealMikeSalerno, to see what he really thinks.

Frank Castaldi, Wordsmith: Frank combines the perfect blend of smugness and wits, topped with a heavy pinch of pessimism to create the perfect recipe for a D-Bag Colada. Frank, much like fellow Scratch Mike Salerno, graduated from Hofstra University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Frank has spent countless hours on the rink, both as a player and coach. He has since retired from coaching and playing, however, as now he is dedicating most of his time to running his fantasy hockey team into the ground.

Frank has also covered nearly every high school sport known to mankind for AOL Patch, and has contributed to The Hockey Writers as a columnist. There's no doubt in his mind, that if he would spend as much time and effort on writing cover letters and job searching as he does researching parlays and spreads, he would have been a household name in the NHL writing community by now. But, since he doesn't, you schlubs get the privilege of reading his work for free.

Frank (@FrankCBaby) is also quite a Twitter celebrity. Check him out there too to see what makes him tick.

Brian McCormack, Senior Writer: A student of the game, Brian is one of the most informative, passionate hockey people you'll ever meet.  Brian played for 17 years at the travel, high school and junior levels, and was a Captain seven times, before hanging up his skates to puruse his true calling: to rant and analyze the doings of much better players.  Brian co-hosts "The Two-Man Advantage", SUNY Geneseo's most listened to hockey talk show, when he is not working towards his Communication/Political Science degree.  He also contributes to the Sports Department of The Lamron, Geneseo's on-campus newspaper, and can be commonly found arguing hockey topics on posted Facebook statuses (SEND A FRIEND REQUEST TO STEVE PACE TO SUBSCRIBE).  It is his mission to impart his wisdom to you, at no charge, to grow the game of hockey.  Finally, he is a Scratch!

When Brian's not contributing to THS, he's tweeting his hockey-related thoughts and sarcastic views on life at @BrianJMcCormack. Give him a follow, it's worth your time.

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