(Video) Brad Richards Shoots Puck on Own Goalie

Written by Christian A. on .

For any aspiring NHL goaltenders out there, being aware of where the puck is at all time is a must.

You always expect shots to becoming from the opposing, but it’s not too often that you see the puck coming at you off the stick of your own teammate. Well, with the Rangers and Devils deadlocked at three last night, that's exactly what happened.

Obviously, Brad Richards wasn’t trying to fire the puck on his own net. He was simply trying to wrap the puck around the board, but it took an unfortunate turn, after making contact with a Devil player, and headed straight for Lundqvist.

Luckily for the Rangers, the all-star goaltender had been aware of what was going on and was able to make the save. Unfortunately for those same Rangers, they would go on to lose 5-3.

At least the game-winning goal was scored by an opposing player and not off some fluky play that would have been on SportCenter’s Not Top 10 list for the next four weeks.