Isles' DiPietro Season Likely Over

Written by Frank Castaldi on .

Roses are red,

Violets are Blue.

Rick DiPietro's hurt.

Shocking news from the New York Islanders late last night: Goaltender Rick DiPietro will most likely miss the remainder of the season.

The normally impervious oft-injured netminder has been on injured reserve for the past month, after suffering a groin injury in a game against the Stars back in early December.

With hopes of his latest injury healing itself with rest, the Islanders' medical staff discovered it was more serious than first thought, opting for DiPietro to undergo sports hernia surgery some time next week.

Ever since signing his monstrous 15-year, $67.5 million deal back in 2006, the 30-year old netminder has been hit with more injuries than pucks. And sometimes the pucks even cause injuries!

At the time of the contract, the then 25-year old budding star was looked at as the face of the Islanders' franchise for years to come. After all, they did trade away a 20-year old Roberto Luongo in order to commit to making DiPietro the No. 1 overall selection in the 2000 NHL Draft. DP was coming off a 30-win season, his second as the official starting goalie for the Isles, and was also the United States starting goaltender at the '06 Olympic Games in Torino.

His injury list, although prevalent, was nothing too out of the ordinary, for an NHL goaltender. A tweaked knee here, a headache there; nothing that could have foreshadowed the following five years.

On the heels of Alexei Yashin's disastrous contract with the Islanders, it was mind-blowing that newly-appointed (and former backup to DP) GM Garth Snow's first major move, would be to ink DiPietro to a deal that would pay him until he was 40-years old.

Oh, if Marty McFly could have only gone back to Uniondale on September 12, 2006...


It seems as if DiPietro has been cursed since inking his name to that deal. It's not like these are normal injuries we're talking about. The rate it's going for DP, I'm honestly shocked that it wasn't HIM that sprained his back while eating pancakes last week!

Let's take a look at his grocery list of injuries since signing the contract:


October- Three games (groin)

December- One game (lower body)

March- Two games (neck), Eight games (headaches)

Not too bad ... Only 14 games missed. Still posted a 32-win season and took his team into the playoffs. Let's chalk that up to some normal wear-and-tear.


December- Three games (knee)

January- Three games (personal problems)

March- Nine games (hip surgery) This was stemming from injuring himself (and the bleep buttons) during the Skills Competition on All-Star weekend.

Uh oh, hips are pretty important for a goaltender, aren't they? We might have more problems than we thought here...

Rick DiPietro's season is over.

No worries, hip fully repaired; DP ready to remind the Islanders and their fans why he'll be their guy even nine years after the world ends...


October- Two games (knee surgery during the offseason)

Man, the season hasn't even started and DP is already on the shelf? Crap...

October- 27 games (more knee surgery)

Just three games back in action, and DP sent to the IR again...

January- Three games (groin)

I mean, it's understandable. I'm sure he wasn't game-ready after undergoing two surgeries to begin the year...

January- 41 games (swollen knee)

Rick DiPietro's season is over... that has a ring to it, doesn't it?


September- 33 games (knee surgery)

Man, DP can't catch a break can he? Wait...

Finally back and ready to go, until...

February- 22 games (left knee injury)

Once again, Rick DiPietro's season is over.


DP, healthy as he's been since, well, ever, was ready to re-claim his spot as the face of the New York Islanders.

December- Three games (swollen knee)

January- Six games (groin)

Let's FACE it, it's the midway point of the season, and DP has only missed nine games due to injury, not bad if you ask me. It appears as if DiPietro might be able to finish the season under his own terms, as long as he doesn't do anything stupid, that is...

February- 20 games (broken face)

Really? Your body is as fragile as the dynamite that John Locke and Jack Shephard found on LOST, yet you feel it neccesary to drop the mits with Brent Johnson? Really?

Rick DiPietro's season is over.


With former first-round draft pick Al Montoya and veteran Evgeni Nabokov in the fold for the Islanders, it was clear that they were no longer relying on DiPietro to be their man between the net. They were right.

October- Four games (practice)

No, he didn't miss four games because he was practicing to be injured, DiPietro was struck in the mask during PRACTICE, leaving him with a concussion. You can't make this stuff up. Thus, before DP could even make his first start of the year, he was once again on the sidelines.

DiPietro eventually returned to the lineup in late October, remaining incident free for nearly a month, until ultimately his latest season-ending injury occurred.

It remains to be seen if DiPietro will somehow return this year, but in all likely hood, 2012 will end the way it has for the past five years: Rick DiPietro' season is over.



Quick Hits:

  • Chicago's Dan Carcillo's season is also over. The Blackhawks announced on Friday that Carcillo will undergo reconstructive knee surgery to repair a torn ACL in his left knee. Hate to say it, but, Karma's a b*tch! Carcillo injured his knee after demolishing Edmonton's Tom Gilbert earlier this month. Carcillo is currently serving a seven-game suspension for the hit.
  • The Flyers announced that winger James van Riemsdyk will be sidelined indefinitely with a concussion. It's hard to pinpoint exactly where JVR was injured, but it was noted that he was hit in the head a couple times over the past few games. This will most likely quiet the recent rumors of a possible trade to Toronto involving Luke Schenn.

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