Dustin Penner Hurts Himself Eating Pancakes. Yes, Really.

Written by Mike Salerno on .

Straight out of the "WTF!" file comes the latest hiccup of Dustin Penner's less-than-stellar tenure in Los Angeles. According to Rich Hammond at LA Kings Insider, Penner injured his back reaching to indulge in some pancakes over the weekend.

Penner missed Saturday's 1-0 loss to the Blue Jackets with back spasms but was apparently healthy enough to take the ice at practice on Sunday. He probably just had a bagel or something instead.

The Kings winger who was the big prize of last year's trade deadline hasn't impressed much in his time in the City of Angels. He scored just two goals after coming over in last year's trade with Edmonton and has managed just two more this year in 30 games.

No, you can't make this up. Here's Penner's take on the, um, incident. But hey, at least he didn't chew with his mouth full when he spoke to reporters:

“Apparently it’s one of those mysterious things, where you can throw it out (from) sneezing. I just leaned over to dip into some delicious pancakes that my wife made. It’s just like it [the pain] wraps around you and squeezes. … So it was disappointing. Hopefully it’s just an isolated incident, and not something that’s going to become chronic.”

Chronic pancake disorder? That's a new one by us. Apparently Penner doesn't quite understand how important a "healthy balanced breakfast" really is. Here's to hoping he sticks to cereal for the forseeable future.

Then again, if he continues his scoring drought, he may quickly find himself trying to score endorsement deals with Aunt Jemima and IHOP just to make ends meet.


Considering he has four goals over the past season or so, is it too early to start bringing pancakes to the game, hoping that he scores a hat trick?