Milbury, Roenick Turn Debate on Nystrom's Hit On Letang Into Must-See TV

Written by Frank Castaldi on .

If you thought the hit Eric Nystrom planted on the Penguins' Kris Letang midway through the first period earlier tonight was explosive, man, you should've caught the analysis following the game.

At one point during their discussion heated exchange, analysts Mike Milbury and Jeremy Roenick appeared as if they were about to come to blows.

Milbury, who was adamant that Nystrom's hit was dirty, uncalled for and "showed no courage," was in complete contrast to Roenick. Luckily for us viewers, neither is ever shy about voicing their opinions.

At one point, Milbury placed his hand on JR's cheek, playfully showing how Letang's head snapped back following the hit, prompting a scowl from Roenick which looked like he was ready to beat Milbury with his own shoe.

The war of words, which lasted several minutes, culminated with subtle personal attacks being thrown at one another.

"You're getting soft," Roenick repeatedly told Iron Mike as he was leaving the segment. "I'm gunna go get him a Shirley Temple!"

"Good thing he's gone; What a relief that is!" Milbury said as Roenick made his way off the set. "Don't let the door hit you on the way out!"

For as much as it's easy to despise NBC for constantly putting our ears in harm's way whenever Pierre McGuire's constantly-moving mouth has a microphone in front of it, they deserve some giddy schoolgirl-like praise for affording us the opportunity of enjoying Milbury and Roenick going at it on live television.

This was just one of the many stops on the long road of altercations for the volatile duo. Who could forget during 2010's Olympic coverage, when the two had that heated debate over Ovechkin and Crosby?

Here's to more segments like this, and less of Pierre telling us what type of breakfast Jamie Benn ate while playing hockey in junior high school.


This is the way the league wants it now. Like it or not. He stuck his elbow out at the last second. He knew what he was doing. I dont like the new rules, but the players are going to be thankful later on with some brains left to think with.


NBC. could not find two bigger A- holes Then Milburry and Roanik as commantators in front of the Mike. Thank goodness for Keith Jones. Though he played for the flyers and I didn't like him becaus he was a flyer, I'll admit that I really like him as an analyst and IMO.he makes a lot of sense and he is a joy to listen to


@RealMikeSalerno JR was on the cusp of calling milbury out for shaking that kid, damnit

The_Scratches moderator

 @scrangersfan Thanks for the read. Mike Milbury even admitted in the next segment when he was talking about the failed realignment plan that he takes deliberately pushes the envelope. Puting him next to Roenick is going to end in an on-air fist fight one of these days, we know it.

As for Jonesy, the best comment I heard about the little argument was Steve LePore on Twitter comparing him to that of Brick Tamlin from Anchorman, just kind of nervously confused off to the side, not really sure what to do. He's not so bad when he's not being drowned out by Milbury or Roenick, but that was just too accurately hilarious.



@r32mara23 oh yeah man. It got real close. So funny though. I love when the biggest story of the night is in the media and not on the ice.

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