BREAKING: Scott Gomez Has Scored A Goal

Written by Frank Castaldi on .

No, this isn't an early April Fool's Day joke. Scott Gomez actually scored a goal.

In a real game.

Against a real team (well, kind of).

With a living, breathing goaltender in the net. And get this, it was the game-winning goal.

In a move that kind of comes full-circle--Gomez's last goal came against the New York Rangers on Feb. 5, 2011--Gomez finally buried one into the back of the net midway through the third period, giving the Canadiens a 3-0 lead over the Islanders.

Don't believe me? Take a look for yourself:

EDITOR'S NOTE: The French version is so much better than the English.

SECOND EDITOR'S NOTE: That was the first and last time that the aforementioned statement will ever be uttered again on this blog.

The only thing that would have made this momentous occasion even more grand, would have been if Gomez had scored in front of his hometown fans, rather than the Nassau Coliseum, where there may have been less fans in the stands than Gomez has goals in the past calendar year. I know, I know, that was both a stretch and a low-blow. But really, somebody check the turnstiles.

As we alluded to, the $7 million goal turned out to be the game-winner, as the Islanders battled back to get within a goal in the final minute, but ultimately lost 4-2.

Oh, and I don't care if Max Pacioretty scored the other three goals and had 10 shots on goal; how does the three-star selector guy not give Gomez the No. 1 star?! IT'S BEEN A FREAKING YEAR MAN! MAKE AN EXCEPTION!

Now, it's obviously been an awfully long time since Scotty had scored. In fact, the world was a much different place the last time he found pay dirt. Let's take a look, shall we?

The Winnipeg Jets played hockey in Atlanta.

Michael Scott was the Regional Manager of the Scranton branch of Dundler Mifflin.

Kim Kardashian was married.

Gas was $3.26 a gallon.

Tonight's Healthy Scratches was just a twinkle in Bloguin's eye.

Osama bin Laden was still alive.

The New York Mets were good... until Opening Day.

Evgeni Nabokov played in the KHL.

Vincent Chase was in rehab.

Oprah Winfrey was on TV.

Sidney Crosby was injured... oh, wait...

Charlie Sheen was relevant.

Brendan Shanahan didn't know what a video upload was.

"Bromancing," "Tweet," and "Cougar" were all added to Webster's.

Matthew Barnaby had a job.

Bradying was Tebowing, which was Planking.

Jeremy Lin was just that Asian guy on the Warriors.

And last but not least: Ryan McDonagh was a rookie!

Feel free to add to the list in the comments section, or Tweet us @The_Scratches!

Finally, Gomez has found his way back into the goal column, much to this guy's disbelief:


Well, I guess it's time to start up the office pool: When will Scott Gomez score his second goal of the season? And perhaps an even more inticing bet, will he get a second?


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